Decisions To Make When Installing a Glass Shower

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Glass showers consist of basic components such as screens and metal hardware, but these elements can combine in a myriad of ways. Here are several decisions you'll need to make when configuring your enclosure.


A central aspect of a shower is the degree of framing that it has. You could opt for frameless screens that are connected with discrete hardware. The framing is more evident on fully framed showers, as each glass screen is edged with metal. A middle option is a semi-framed enclosure. The framing on these can vary. But often, the wall join and the horizontal top and bottom of the shower feature edging while the door is mainly free of metal.

The framing affects the shower's appearance. Frameless shower screens evoke minimalism as the structure is dominated by smooth glass. They tend to make a bathroom seem larger. Conversely, bulkier framing visually cuts off the shower from the rest of the bathroom, which may feel smaller as a result.

Frameless showers are typically the most pricey option, and fully framed showers may be the cheapest. However, the cost of a shower depends on its particular construction.

Door Style

Door options in a glass shower include sliding and outward swinging styles. You may have a personal preference for one design over another. However, the door style affects the bathroom layout and how it functions. For example, an outward swinging door may block other people from using the space. Plus, if you install an outward swinging door, you'll have to provide free floor space in the design.

Thus, in a small bathroom, you might opt for a sliding door instead that glides to the side. A sliding door sometimes doesn't provide as broad an entryway into the shower as a sliding model. If someone in your household has a disability, an outward-swinging door may offer a wider, more accessible shower.


The other major component of a shower is the glass used. All showers use toughened safety glass which can be standard, low-iron, or frosted. Standard transparent glass exhibits a green tinge. To eliminate this, you could install low iron glass, which is neutral. While transparent glass opens up the bathroom and creates a spacious feel, it doesn't offer privacy for people showering. If you prefer a secluded shower, you might opt for frosted screens instead. You can pick between decorative patterns or install smooth cloudy screens in varying translucency levels.

For more information on shower screens, contact an installer in your area.