How A Good Shower Screen Design Subtly Improves Your Entire Bathroom

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There are quite a few more notable components that make up your average bathroom than shower screens, but a bad shower screen can still have a massive negative effect on the whole room. That might seem like a strange statement, but it is only because of the differences between good design and outdated, crowded styles that are common in older bathrooms. Frameless glass shower screens can be extremely subtle while still performing a lot of roles that previous generations of shower screens did not do. Here are a few reasons why you should consider frameless glass shower screens for your next bathroom renovation.

Removes Obstructions

In the past, opaque and very patterned shower screens were used as that more maximalist style was in vogue. The side effect these thick and crowded shower screens had was that they fenced off the shower from the rest of the room. It basically compartmentalised each area with no simple flow like modern glass shower screens provide. Now there are no such barriers and the room feels like one complete and well thought out space that screams cleanliness and order. If you are sick of feeling cramped in the shower and bathroom even though you know you aren't, then think about replacing your old screen with a new one.

Better Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is important for two reasons. Firstly, being able to correctly wash yourself as well as shave is much harder to accurately do in the dark, and secondly, poor lighting can dramatically change your mood. If your bathroom feels like a crowded space, and it is hard to see yourself when you actually go into the shower cubicle, then you probably suffer from a bad design that has restricted light into an already opaque screen. Frameless showers provide beautiful light to every area of the bathroom with no boundaries.

Easier To Clean

Let's face it, no one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning up their shower after they use it. The key here is to have as few edges, gaps, cracks and physical holds for the bacteria and soap scum to grab onto. Frameless shower screens take this convenience to the next level, with virtually no purchase or grip for bacteria to take hold of when it is splashed off of your body. If you hate cleaning, and everyone in your family does too, then from a purely practical standpoint, you should choose a glass shower screen. 

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