Two Tips to Follow If You’re Putting a Stained Glass Pane in a Room

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If you've decided to get a pane of stained glass put into a room' window, you should follow these tips.

Consider updating the wall onto which the light from the window shines

After putting in the stained glass, it might be a good idea to update the wall that the window faces and which its light, will, therefore, shine directly on. The main benefit of fitting stained glass windows is that their exquisite patterns are projected onto the rooms' walls when the sun shines onto the glass. However, if the wall that your window faces is covered in, for example, wallpaper that has a pretty-but-complicated pattern or if it is a gallery wall with dozens of pictures, then it will be hard for you to see the full effect of the stained glass pattern.

In this situation, it might be worth transferring the gallery wall pictures to a wall in another room, and then taking down the wallpaper, and putting some plain white paint on this surface instead. This plain wall will allow the pane's colours and patterns to be seen in all their glory. If you feel the wall looks too bare without anything on it, you could mount a full-length mirror onto it; this will bounce the colourful light onto the other walls of the room and make these just as beautiful.

Get daylight bulbs for the room's lamps

If you sometimes use this room for practical or recreational activities that require strong light, such as coursework, drawing or reading, then you should purchase one or two lamps and put daylight bulbs in them. The new glass will make this room look beautiful; however, it is its coloured appearance that creates this beauty.

This colourfulness may also make the room less bright. Whilst this will be ideal for the periods of the day when you want a relaxing atmosphere, it will also mean that you may need to add your own artificial 'daylight,' in the form of daylight bulbs, for times when you need to do the aforementioned activities that require a harsher, brighter form of light. Buying these bulbs will enable you to utilise the room at any time, regardless of whether you want to work on a particular activity or whether you just want to sit down and relax in a beautiful setting.

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