What You Should Know Before Choosing Your Kitchen's Glass Splash Back

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Splash backs are a fantastic option if you're looking to dress up your kitchen while protecting your stove's back wall from oily splashes and grout stains. While splash backs are often considered an interior design accessory, they also serve to catch the light and reverberate it onto your stove, which increases visibility while cooking. This isn't to say that splash backs are not highly aesthetically pleasing; an array of colourful, creative-patterned options are available across Australia. Here's everything you should know to make the best long-run choice for your kitchen splash back.

The Type Of Glass Matters

Australian building standards require kitchen glass to be of the AS1288 standard. This entails glass constructions being at least 5mm thick and made from toughened safety glass. Glass splash backs are usually made of safety glass, which can withstand intense cooktop heat. This glass is engineered to ensure it does not shatter on impact but instead breaks into small, blunt granular pieces, as opposed to the large, dangerously sharp ragged edges of standard broken glass. 

Depending on your aesthetic desires, you may choose to opt for a solid-clear or solid-coloured glass. You can also choose between Starphire glass (which lacks the green incandescence of standard glass), and mirrored glass in smokey, bronze or silver shades. The key advantage of mirrored glass is that it provides a sleek, sophisticated edge while seemingly expanding the space of the kitchen.

Glass Is Versatile

You can design your own splash back with the help of your interior designer, and even decide on patterns to print into the glass. Typically, when painting splash back glass, you will be advised to paint the back of the glass only, to allow the light to pour in. However, if your kitchen already has plenty of luminosity, the double painted glass will have the glossy polish of coloured, fresh varnish.

More creative options are also available, with some glass splash back manufacturers offering to print any desired image onto the glass. Very little of the resolution is lost during the glass-printing process, and the quality of the image or pattern is not affected by the heat emanating from the countertop.

A Concluding Word

Glass splash backs offer the sophistication and luxurious appeal of glass constructions with the functionality of stone or metal splash backs. Not only is glass relatively easy to clean, but it also improves the lighting of a room and even gives the impression of enlarging the space. All glass splash backs adhering to the local standards are safe for kitchen use and can withstand extreme heats with no threat of damage or shattering.