Expert Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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Taking a bath is not just a moment to clean up but to relax and unwind as well. However, a small bathroom space can make your shower time a nightmare. Are you thinking of enlarging your bathroom without reconstructing it? Here are some few tips you can use to do just that.

Have one theme colour

Maintain the same theme in your bathroom. Ensure the walls and ceiling are of the same colour. Having contrasting colour themes visually cuts off your bathroom space, making it look even smaller, cluttered and crowded. Also remember to match the tiles with the walls. Use pale colours such as soft white or light shades of blue since they reflect light making your bathroom look bigger.

Use clear glass

Using clear glass in your bathroom is a smart move to make when you have a small bathroom space. Glass is easy to clean and maintain. Avoid using textured glass because even though it will offer you privacy, it will also eat up your bathroom space visually by making your bathroom appear to be having an extra wall. Also consider installing a shower screen in your bathroom to give it a modern touch and create more space.

Glass doors

First replace your swing bathroom door with a slide or in-folding glass door. Doing this will save up the bathroom space that was meant for the swing door and additionally let in more natural light. Also get rid of the curtains as they block light and eat up space. If you are worried about your privacy, use some mini blinds and sheer fabric.

Glass shelves

Replacing your wood or linen cabinets with glass shelves is a smart move to make. Installing glass shelves will seem to enlarge your tight bathroom space as they appear invisible. Be bold and bury your bathroom cabinets into the wall. This will need you to reframe your bathroom walls but the extra space that comes with recessing your cabinetry is worth the tussle. Remove all unused items and neatly arrange your towels and shampoos in the cabinets.

Use mirrors

Mirrors will visually double up your bathroom space by reproducing it. They'll make your bathroom space seem wider thus making dressing easier for you. Place two mirrors at opposite planes to create the feel of a larger bathroom by creating the illusion of a never ending space. In the case there's no space for two mirrors, strategically place the mirror on the opposite side of the window to create the same effect. Remember, the larger the mirror you use, the better the results you will get.