Ways to Decorate Your Home With Art Glass

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If you have art glass, whether broken glass pieces or mosaic glass tiles, you might be wondering about the different ways you can decorate them. There are many ways to use art glass inside and outside your home for decorative purposes.

Have Custom Countertops Made

This is one of the more expensive projects that uses art glass, but it also makes a drastic difference in the appeal of your home. Art glass pieces are perfect when making custom countertops that are unique and impress others. You can have the countertops made with a durable material that also include pieces of the glass embedded inside but sealed on the top so the glass shards don't stick out of the countertops. Go for blues and greens for a coastal look or red, oranges, and yellows for a warm look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Line Your Shower With Mosaic Tiles

When it comes to glass mosaic tiles, they are ideal for your bathroom. You can use them in many different areas of the bathroom, from the walls and floors, to the vanity countertops. Another good way to use them in your bathroom décor is to line the inside of the shower with them. This creates a beautiful shower design that allows the light and water to hit the mosaic tiles and create a cascade of colour. You can choose a rainbow of colours or go with a specific colour theme. For a modern-style bathroom, consider all gray and silver colours, or go with more vibrant colours in a traditional bathroom

Use the Glass for Splashback

Splashback tiles are glass tiles that can be added to the walls of your kitchen behind the kitchen sink and stovetop. They not only provide a beautiful and colourful aesthetic appeal for the space, but they help to capture splashes from cooking or using the sink so that your walls don't get stained or experience water damage. You can either use pieces of art glass that have been adhered to the wall or mosaic tiles for this purpose.

Create Custom Garden Décor

Your garden can use art glass in multiple ways. One way is to create custom stepping stones by starting with regular concrete pavers, then adhering the art glass or mosaic tiles to the stones. Seal the top to hold them in place, and you have vibrant stepping stones to add more colour to your garden. The art glass pieces can also be glued onto any type of clay pot for your flowers and plants.