Patterns to Hide the Splatter: How to Choose a Glass Splashback That Stays Looking Clean

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As you shake pans and stir stews, your splashback catches the splashes and spills. If you have already decided on glass splashbacks, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of stains and splatter on your splashback. If you like a clean look but don't want to be scrubbing all the time, here's what to consider:

1. Choose a big sheet of glass rather than tiles

If you are trying to make your kitchen look clean, opt for a single, large piece of glass splashback rather than individual glass tiles. Unfortunately, grime and bacteria can build up in the areas between tiles, regardless of whether those tiles are glass or any other material.

However, if you have a flat piece of glass, you can easily clean it with a quick sweep of a rag, without worrying about unhealthy or unsightly build-up in the cracks.

2. Avoid openings for outlets and other features

One of the advantages of a glass splash back is that it can be cut to accommodate various openings for light switches, outlets or other things. However, if you are trying to create a look of cleanliness, you may want to avoid these openings.

They present the same issue as tiles — grime can build up in the cracks, ridges and openings. Instead, try to move your outlets or switches to another area.

3. Opt for patterns

If you have a glass splashback that is a solid light colour, greasy splatters and stains are likely to show up easily. You can avoid that effect slightly with a dark colour. However, shiny dark colours will showcase stains.

Instead, if you cook a lot and want to hide stains, look for a glass splashback with a pattern. Don't go for stripes or geometric patterns as circular splashes will not be hidden by these patterns. Instead, opt for circular, curvy or floral patterns.

4. Look for durable glass

In addition to worrying about stains, you should also think about dents or other issues that may occur with your splashback. For this reason, you need to look for a splashback that is completely durable.

Don't just take any piece of decorative glass and install it behind your stove. Instead, make sure you pick a piece of glass that is designed for that purpose and strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

5. Choose a matt rather than a reflective glass

Unless you absolutely love reflective glass from a style standpoint, look for something matt. With matt glass, the light doesn't bounce off it as much and as a result, grease may not show up as easily.